Past Cedar Street Cafe Featured Artists:

Carol Stoll
Carol started drawing when her best friend in high school was drawing comic strip characters. It did not take long to find that she, too, could do all sorts of drawings. Following her discovery, Carol began painting and eventually moved on to several other forms of art. Some of them very new to her, and often difficult. Some of these new skills she explored were: oil painting, watercolors, soapstone carving, bleach pictures, pottery, baskets, quilting, and fabric pictures. Carol, developing her skills with no formal training, often likes to share her skills and knoledge with others. She is especially proud to share her artistic skills with all of her children - all of which are doing amazing things.

Michele Earle Bridges
Michele's recent work mainly consists of beautiful watercolor paintings. The pieces displayed at the Café were highly realistic looking demonstrating both spectacular lighting and naturality to all objects within the works. She is also a well known illustrator for numerous published books.

Dennis Lehman
Local artist, with no formal training, Dennis creates very bold paintings in both acrylic and oil.

Dietmar Krumrey
Born in Germany, Dietmar Krumrey immigrated to America with his family at the age of three. After living in the Chicago area, they moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where Dietmar developed his deep affection and respect for wildlife so evident in his art. After training at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, he was employed as an artist for Hallmark in Kansas City before leaving to freelance. Dietmar returned to the Upper Peninsula to live and paint near the forest and lakes which inspire his work. Extensively known for his realist approach, exactness for detail and feeling for the actual essence of life, Dietmar captures the very heart of wildlife art. His works are included in many private collections across the country and he has exhibited in such prestigious shows as the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Show, the Smithsonian Institute, the National Wildlife Art Exhibit in Kansas City, the Wildlife Festival in Tulsa, the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston and the Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland.
Above copy extraxcted from Dietmars personal website,

Vee S.
Previously from Lansing, Michigan, Vee is a recent transplant to the Upper Peninsula. Her works can be considered American Gothic meets the style of Matisse. With no formal training, Vee learned to have fun with paint as a way to entertain herself. She enjoys exploring her ethnicity, nature, and outdoor sports. Vee also does many murals and side projects around town... specifically mentioning: Petique ceiling tiles (which were created for contributions to the Humane Society and the Fight for Life Organization), the Senior Center, cartoon posters for the court house building, Michigan State University, 4-H group, as well as personally requested portraits.

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